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China's petroleum equipment industry is developing opportunitiesDate:2018-11-2 9:20:43

Based on the domestic market, we actively seek opportunities to "go out" and "12th Five-Year" period.

Recently, industry experts pointed out that China's petroleum equipment industry will usher in a new round of rapid development with the acceleration of overseas investment by Chinese oil companies during the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015) and the intensification of the development of offshore oil and gas and shale gas by the state.

During the Tenth Five-Year Plan and the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, with the development of China's economy and the increase of energy consumption, the petroleum equipment industry experienced the "spring" of the petroleum equipment manufacturing industry. Data show that during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, the number of Enterprises above the scale of petroleum and petrochemical equipment manufacturing in China increased from 1019 to 2023, and the total industrial output value increased from 74 billion yuan to 249 billion yuan.


Industry experts said that the rapid development of China's petroleum equipment manufacturing industry in recent years has supported the development of the National Petroleum Industry and contributed to the national energy strategy and the stability of the national economy. The equipment industry has not only made great progress in scale, but also made great breakthroughs in R&D technology, such as horizontal well drilling, underbalanced drilling and drilling rig speed-up "three major tools" technology, which greatly improve the efficiency of oil exploration and development.

Oil companies "go out" to drive oil equipment exports

For the development of petroleum equipment during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the industry is optimistic that the overall energy situation in China is better and the output and recovery rate are higher and higher. In the next five years, with the increase of domestic oil and gas resources, the demand for petroleum equipment will inevitably increase. In addition, China's oil companies have accelerated the pace of "going out", which will also drive China's equipment to the overseas market, with broad prospects.

From the perspective of international demand, Jiang Junyan, chief representative of Beijing Representative Office of PetroFrance Petroleum Engineering Company, said that with the international oil price maintained above 80 US dollars per barrel, oil companies in various countries will intensify their exploration and development efforts, and strengthen the exploration and development of deep-sea and unconventional oil and gas fields; in addition, the Middle East region needs a large number of oil equipment supply. As China has become the world's equipment manufacturing base and processing center, Chinese enterprises with the advantages of low price and good quality will certainly be able to share in the international market.

Shandong group, a private enterprise, is optimistic about foreign markets. Sun Hongrong, vice president of the group, said that more and more foreign businessmen expressed interest in the company's products and had expressed their intention to negotiate. The company plans to enter the overseas market in 2014, set up offices overseas to sell self-developed high-pressure steam injection boilers, enter the Asian, African and Latin American countries first, and then open up the European and American markets for greater opportunities.

He also said that the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" proposed to vigorously develop high-end equipment manufacturing, this policy support is another good for the company. "National policies have a great impact on us. The greater the investment, the greater the driving force for us. We must be first-class in the world and improve our core competitiveness so as to achieve great development." He said. To tap the potential of offshore oil and gas and shale gas equipment to ensure China's energy security and meet the growing energy demand, China continues to accelerate the onshore oil and gas exploitation and overseas investment, while increasing offshore oil and gas exploration and exploitation. According to Shumin, Director of Shipping Department of Equipment Industry Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has compiled the Medium and Long-term Development Plan for Marine Engineering Equipment Industry, which is expected to be published in the year. It is reported that China will publish the ten year development plan of the domestic offshore oil and gas equipment industry by the end of this year. Industry insiders said that China's offshore resources have great potential, and the next five years are bound to be an important period for offshore oil and gas development, which indicates a huge demand for oil equipment. In addition, China's shale gas reserves are huge, which is another huge market for petroleum equipment enterprises.

Chris Lomax, director of international sales at United Equipment Manufacturing, said shale gas development has changed the energy supply structure of the United States, making it the largest natural gas producer. China also has abundant shale gas resources with huge potential, which provides a vast space for equipment manufacturing industry. Usher in a critical period to enhance international competitiveness

Although the overall scale of China's petroleum equipment manufacturing industry has been considerable, and some achievements have been made in the research of major projects, with broad prospects for the future, the market share of high-end equipment is still not high, and the core cutting-edge technology still needs to rely on imports. Industry entrepreneurs and experts agree that China's petroleum equipment technology is currently at a "medium or high" level in the international arena, and the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" is a critical period for accelerating independent innovation, developing high-end manufacturing industries and enhancing international competitiveness.