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Matters needing attention in the maintenance of petroleum drilling machinery and equipmentDate:2018-11-2 9:19:06

At present, due to the oil drilling and mining machinery and equipment maintenance accessories gradually enter the market, driven by the interests, leading to some unqualified parts into the market, the performance of these parts products can not meet the requirements at all, once these parts are used to repair oil drilling and mining machinery and equipment, it will cause an inestimable impact on equipment. Losses, therefore, our accessories management personnel must carry out quality management of the warehousing repair accessories, to the responsibility of people, each batch of warehousing accessories should be active and verifiable, from the source to eliminate the occurrence of mechanical equipment failure.


At present, China's safety management of oil drilling and production enterprises is extremely strict, which is also for the sake of their own interests. Different from other industries, oil enterprises have their own unique characteristics, such as difficult to manage and slow to deal with emergencies. Therefore, we should do a good job of safety management in peacetime, and the safety of oil enterprises. An important factor of management is the management of machinery and equipment. Only by doing a good job of safety management of these machinery and equipment, can we ensure the safe and smooth progress of other links. Then how to do well the safety management of machinery and equipment? Firstly, it is necessary to implement the responsibility system for safety equipment in enterprises, register the use of relevant machinery and equipment, clarify the responsibilities of employees and departments, and find the relevant person in charge at the first time when the equipment fails; secondly, it is necessary to compile safety operation manual to strengthen the safety operation of operators. Finally, operators are required to be familiar with the technical performance and structural principles of the equipment they operate, as well as the handling methods of some simple faults of the equipment. Only by doing the above, can the safety management and safety production of machinery and equipment be realized.

Specific measures for strengthening oil drilling machinery and equipment maintenance

First, in the daily maintenance, we should pay attention to keep the instant noodles of mechanical and petroleum machinery dry. These equipment will inevitably cause some sediments in the ordinary use process, which will increase the wear and tear during the operation of the equipment and cause equipment loss. At the same time, we should observe the bearing equipment and equipment of the equipment at any time. Friction part, as well as the temperature rise and fall of gear box and hydraulic oil tank, the temperature of each part should not be higher than 70 C. Once the temperature is higher than this, the equipment should be shut down to reduce the temperature, and the reason for this problem should be found in time. In addition, in the daily use of mechanical equipment, attention should be paid to listening. The abnormal sound of the equipment in the process of operation, once some abnormal sound appears, mostly the equipment has problems, it is necessary to stop the machine for inspection and maintenance.

Second, periodically check the sealing condition of the equipment. Once oil leakage is found in the sealing area of the equipment, it is necessary to stop the machine in time and seal the oil leakage well. In addition, it is necessary to regularly check the connection firmware of each joint, and if it is loose, it should be strengthened in time.

Thirdly, the performance of each hose should be checked regularly. After working for a period of time, these hoses will crack and pick up. When this happens, these hoses should be replaced in time. Oil in the tank should be checked regularly for deterioration, and hydraulic oil should be added in time. At the same time, check the hydraulic system regularly. When the filter pointer points to the red area, it proves that the filter has been blocked, the machine should be stopped immediately and the filter element should be replaced to avoid damaging the oil pump or motor. In addition, the pressure gauge should be replaced in time.

The management and maintenance of petroleum drilling equipment is very important for petroleum enterprises. It is related to whether the petroleum enterprises can work normally or not. The management and maintenance of these equipment should take full account of the actual characteristics of petroleum enterprises. At the same time, the relevant management norms should be fully implemented and the operation and management of equipment should be strengthened. Information communication and feedback of managers should do a good job of supervision and inspection in peacetime, integrate such supervision and inspection norms into the daily management of enterprises, and gradually form a system. Only in this way can our petroleum enterprises get a sound development.